Create high-quality videos to help promote your product or business.

Infomercial Production

JH Design can produce professional infomercials for your product. Together we can work with you to help assist with creative development, script writing, testimonial recruitment and management, infomercial production, talent casting, sound, location, and complete post-production. We partner with you and guarantee the final production is on strategy with your brand, message, and vision.

This is an example of an infomercial we created for a product called Go-Vz. JH Design first assisted with this project by redesigning their logo and creating custom graphics and renderings for their product. We then spearheaded the video production for their infomercial. Portions of the video were shot both in a professional studio and in a home environment. JH Design assisted with lighting, sound and all video equipment. We worked with both hired talent and volunteers for the multiple scenes shot.

Videos for Social Media

JH Design can work with you to create short high-quality videos to help promote your business for Social Media and your website!

In today’s world with the popularity of social media, businesses of every type and size have the opportunity to reach a larger and more specific audience than television. People love to watch videos and the best part is that you can promote the videos to a certain demographic and target exactly who you want to focus on. Statistics show that people start tuning out after 90 seconds so that is our target when producing videos for social media.

This is an example of a video we created for Ark Rods that was used specifically for Social Media to help promote their products and introduce themselves to the very competitive fishing industry.

Videos for Websites

In addition to Social Media, videos are VERY impactful for websites. People nowadays are programmed to look and watch media versus reading a whole bunch of copy. You can be much more effective by delivering your message with video because people just simply preferred to watch and listen. Best of all, businesses with video on their website are 53 times more likely to be on the first page of search engines than businesses without!

Below is an example of an informative video we created for OkeechobeeJust4Bass that was used on their website to give potential customers an overview of their services.


Regardless if you are using your video for social media or your website, we always recommend hosting your video on YouTube. Once your videos are uploaded to YouTube you can share and embed them across the web. Need Help? We can create your custom YouTube channel for a flat fee of $100. It includes customizing your channel art and optimizing the channel so it gets found in search results. We can also assist with uploading your videos to your channel and making sure the videos are properly titled and have the keywords and descriptions for best results.

Click the image to view the full preview.

Youtube Channel Creation and Optimization

Our Equipment

We have a combination HD Video Cameras, GoPro’s, a QuadCopter Drone, Professional Lighting Equipment and Audio Recording Equipment which allows up to capture HD 1080P resolution videos with great picture and sound for a wide variety of purposes. We can arrange video shoots both on and off location.

Here’s a list of what kind of videos we can produce you:

  • Product Demonstration & Walkthrough Videos
  • Promotional Videos for your Business and Services
  • Aerial Videos Shot with QuadCopter Drone
  • Event Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Real Estate Videos (House Walk-throughs)
  • And more!
Videography - Port St Lucie - Professional Video Production
Videography - Professional Video Production
Videography - Professional Video Production, Florida

Below are several videos from our portfolio. If you are interested in having us create a custom video for you please contact us and we will be more than happy to give you a custom quote.

Stuart Boatworks - Promotional Video

UVCUBE 360 - Product Video

CZone - Product Demonstration Video

Stuart Boatworks - Product Walkthrough Video

Oakmont Custom Homes - Home Builder's Model Home Walkthrough Video